97% of businesses Fail IN America Every 10 Years

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Scaling doesn’t need to be complicated when you have the framework. Short-track your success by learning the tools, skills, and blueprint validated by over 4,000 businesses in all different industries and at different stages of revenue.

WhyCardone Ventures

Cardone Ventures is a business consulting, investment, and incubator firm that’s disrupting the massive $12T SMB business landscape. With our extensive and diverse expertise with over $1B of companies under management, we’re here to help you slash through the learning curve, guiding you straight to the strategies that are delivering results in today’s ever-evolving economy.

#1 Business Growth HackFor Maximum Profitability

Most Fortune 500 companies have kept this secret… until now!! It’s our duty and obligation to provide small to mid-sized businesses the tools and hacks they need to level the playing field. It’s time you learn your business scaling hack and start building on a much more strategic, INTENTIONAL growth path.

SuccessLeaves Clues.

It’s no surprise we have so many successful clients we work with. It’s because there’s no guesswork. Everything we teach is data-backed and validated. The only difference that sets you apart from the rest is the action you take. Learn about some ordinary people who have had extraordinary results.

Discover The Scary Truth

97% of Businesses Don’t Make It Past These 7 Critical Breakpoints!


Introducing groundbreaking research, a decade in the making, with an investment of over $3.5M. It’s time you learn the 7 pivotal areas every business must break through before they break you. Take this quick business assessment to pinpoint your path and make the necessary adjustments, safeguarding your revenue stream from potential disruptions.

10X Collaborators

The 10X philosophy is more than just a mantra; it’s a community. A community of achievers, thinkers, and doers who believe in multiplying their efforts, their successes, and their lives. 10X is about educating, building partnerships, collaboration, co-investing and collective wisdom of like-minded people winning together within the 10X community.

Learn more about what leading figures such as Tommy Hilfiger, John Maxwell, and Micheal Turner have to say about 10X and the value we provide.