Case Study

Stephen Lagomarisno

Doylestown, PA

About The Company

TRC Electronics

Established in 1982, TRC Electronics, Inc. is a privately owned company located just outside of Philadelphia in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The company specializes exclusively in power supply products and operates as a leading franchised distributor. TRC Electronics aims to have a positive impact on their clients and their team members personally, professionally, and financially. Their goal is to assist their clients in winning in the marketplace.


Working with Cardone Ventures

No steady growth pattern, fluctuating between breakpoints.

Plateaued at $30 million—no idea on how to take his business to the next level.

Didn’t know what he was missing or where to even look.

Unstable financials, disorganized bookkeeping.

No financial modeling or plan in place to support the growth of the business.

No marketing strategy, poor quality leads, and losing more and more money every day.

Lack of good leadership, unable to develop and duplicate top performers.

No reliable and credible consultant with the right experience.


Working with Cardone Ventures

Increased revenue by 33.3% within first year of working with the CV.

Went from $30 million to $40 million in revenue in 2021.

Increased their revenue by another 25% in 2022, closing out the year at $50 million.

Under Brandon’s mentorship, Stephen increased his own belief lid of what’s possible, striving to accomplish goals he never once thought possible.

Refined leadership skills and now understands how to develop a team of leaders within his organization.

Refined leadership skills and now understands how to develop a team of leaders within his organization.

Uncovered a data-driven and proven way to hire, align, develop, positively shaping the organization’s culture.

Went on to partner with Grant Cardone, Brandon Dawson, and Cardone Ventures.

Client Success Story

The Stats

Starting working with Cardone Ventures: December 2019

$35.7 M
$3.2 M
$32.8 M
$807 K
$40.2 M
$4.8 M
Projected 2023
% Growth 2019 -2022
35% 🡵
44% 🡵


Cultural alignment with employees

Increased operational effectiveness for sales team and onboarding processes

Implemented PPF process to inspire employees and drive the business forward

Invested $3.75M in Cardone Capital